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TagsAtmospheric, Creative, Cute, Feel Good, inspiring, meaningful, Minimalist, Point & Click, thought-provoking


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Really cute concept for a game. Thanks for sharing this :)

Thanks you so much :)


This is the new depresson checker!


um the original from 2013 is here: not sure why this isn't explained

although it's still nice you gave this more attention and yes made up new scenes so very nice


Yup I am the same developer who made both :P

Okay i see that i could have known, this is silly i was mostly happy to recognize it yes. very cool

No worries ^_^ Thanks for linking the original!

Wonderful!! Thank you for this work. I deal with agitated depression. I am in a rough place right now and I just booted up this game. It brought tears to my eyes. I love it. It cheered me up. Thank you so much!!! It's beautiful.

Your comment made me tear up o. I sincerely thank you for sharing this :)

this was really nice, i appreciate it. made me look forward to the future a little more.


I sincerely wish you a happy and smile-full future :)

Awesome game! Have recommended it to a few friends!


Thanks for sharing the game :)

I just realize i had Time Obsession and a lot in this game, it feels so refreshing. I am smiling, even the Grim Reaper is also smiling. Thank you! :)

Glad you smiled 😊 and thanks for playing!

this is really chill and sweet, good choice of background music, I had a nice time and it did make me smile!

Thanks for the sweet comment. Glad you smiled!